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AF Custom Stunt Gear

When it comes to planning and performing stunts for movies, TV and entertainment events, resources are essential to success. At Action Factory, we're proud to build the best in custom stunt gear for a wide variety of applications. From custom stunt equipment to set elements to specialty safety harnesses, we can design and manufacture gear to meet your needs.

We also provide the best in custom body pads for a wide variety of uses. We offer pads to be used as part of set design and protective pads for your stunt actors themselves. We have experience designing and producing pads for both humans and animals. From custom knee pads to full body pads, our custom stunt gear can be tailored to the specific needs of your production or event. Whatever your gear needs are, we're here to meet them. Trust the stunt professionals at Action Factory today and help us design equipment that will suit your every need!

You need it? Action Factory can build it!
From concept to reality.


Action Factory is taking our Custom Production to a whole new level.
Much more coming soon...

"Assassins Creed" Custom Build Out

Here are some examples of the many different custom requests fulfilled by Action Factory.

Dog Harness

Custom Blocks

Custom WWE 20' x 20' Pad

Maybe you don't need a big custom build out, but rather a small alteration to make your Fire Wear clothes a custom fit. Action Factory has staff available for Custom Alterations.