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Stunt Grip Spray Bottle & Rosin Package
Stunt Grip Spray Bottle & Rosin Package

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STUNT GRIP™ is a specialty rosin mix designed to help improve your grip wherever you need it. This is designed by athletes specifically for just about any stunt you are performing. STUNT GRIP™ can improve your ability to hold onto just about anything. Athletes, fire fighters, entertainers, even a mechanic could benefit from STUNT GRIP™.


When you work harder, so does STUNT GRIP™.
As you perspire, you can feel the barrier of STUNT GRIP™ on your hands, body or wherever else you apply it. You can apply it to golf clubs, bats, balls, steering wheels, ropes, handles, in cycling, wind surfing, and much more. STUNT GRIP™ creates a bite on your grip when you need it most.

Select your grip range with STUNT GRIP™.
We want to give the user a choice on how they use STUNT GRIP™. In the full package, the user receives the grip bag containing STUNT GRIP™ and a spray bottle. We recommend filling the bottle with isopropyl rubbing alcohol. This combination of STUNT GRIP™ and rubbing alcohol creates a wide range of grips for the user and where and how they use STUNT GRIP™. The 'Dry' grip is created when using the grip bag by itself. The 'Wet' grip is created once the STUNT GRIP™ is sprayed with alcohol. It changes the dynamics and property of STUNT GRIP™ and the user can feel the added grip. The user gets to choose and customize their perfect grip.

Where you need STUNT GRIP™.
The porous STUNT GRIP™ grip bag allows a user to apply STUNT GRIP™ wherever needed. When you grab the grip bag our powder comes out onto wherever you pat or squeeze the grip bag. You can apply STUNT GRIP™ to handles, clubs, steering wheels, your hands or feet, just about anywhere you need to maximize your grip. Shake the grip bag directly where you want it based on whatever stunt you are doing. Use it 'Dry' or 'Wet', by spraying isopropyl rubbing alcohol to the STUNT GRIP™ powder.

Why do you need STUNT GRIP™?
An improved grip may give you the edge you have been missing. Possibly a better score, a more reliable feel, better concentration and better awareness may be achieved through using STUNT GRIP™. It may be the difference between winning and losing.

STUNT GRIP™ Disclaimer
STUNT GRIP™ will not make you safer in any stunt you are performing or attempting. You are responsible for any and all of your own safety. STUNT GRIP™ is different for everyone trying or using it. Results vary for all individuals using it. You are responsible for your own use of STUNT GRIP™. Play Safe and Be Safe.
How to use STUNT GRIP

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