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For stunt professionals, standard athletic clothing doesn't provide the protection required to withstand the repeated impact that can occur when performing difficult stunts. However, most body armor for stunt professionals is bulky and limits the full range of motion, so shopping for stunt clothing can often feel like a no-win experience. This is not the case at Action Factory! Our light, streamlined stunt clothing is designed with built-in stunt pads to absorb and evenly distribute the force of impact and help you avoid injury. In addition, products such as our sleeveless compression shirt wick away moisture to prevent overheating and exhaustion.

If you need extra protection, consider purchasing Forcefield body armor or Armour gear such as Forcefield action shorts with Sport Armour -- you're going to love these products if you currently wear rigid body armor when performing stunts. Forcefield products include soft armor that molds itself to the contours of the body while retaining the impact resistance that you require. Forcefield body armor also complies with all the relevant CE standards for body protection while keeping the wearer cool and comfortable. Order our stunt clothing today and learn why hundreds of top stunt professionals trust us!

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Forcefield Limb Tubes with Dual Straps Action Factory Forcefield Limb Tubes w/Dual Straps
Our Price: $100.50
SALE PRICE: $85.43
Forcefield PRO L2K Evo Back Protector Forcefield PRO L2K Evo Back Protector
Our Price: $180.50
SALE PRICE: $153.43
Forcefield Action Shorts Action Factory Forcefield Action Shorts c/w Sport Armour
Our Price: $170.50
SALE PRICE: $144.93
Forcefield Pro Shirt Action Factory Forcefield Pro Shirt
Our Price: $320.50
SALE PRICE: $262.43