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Fire Stunt Gel

Nothing lights up a live event, movie or TV show quite like fire. For stunt professionals, safely starting and managing fire is at the core of creating exciting sequences. At Action Factory, we're proud to offer a custom hydrogel that allows for superior heat resistance and can be used at room temperatures. No ice is required to use this gel.

Of course, nothing is more important when working with fire than safety. Feel free to contact us today if you have any questions regarding which fire gel is most suitable for your needs!

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Action Factory Stunts Firegel Hydrogel Play'n with Fire AF "Play'n with Fire" HydroGel

Please contact info@afstunts.com to get registered.

Superior heat resistance

Clear in color
And of course the use of the gel at room temperature. That's Right! No Ice needed! The gel has the best performance at 72° F

Once you use our gel, we know you'll agree - Nothing else compares!

Not to be used for direct fuel to skin burns, also known as "Naked Burns"

Click here for MSDS.

Custom blends are available starting at $125.00.
Please contact us at info@afstunts.com to inquire about options.

* This product contains melaleuca (tea tree oil), which is known to be harmful to cats. Please do not allow this product to be consumed by cats or any other animal.

Our Price: $115.00