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Keeping your back safe when perfoming stunts is essential, and Action Factory offers professional-grade gear that meets back protector motorcycle standards. When you purchase a chest protector or lumbar support brace from us, you can be confident that it provides at least CE EN1621-level energy absorption and coverage. For the ultimate defense against injury, both the Forcefield Back Protector and the Forcefield Elite Chest Protector meet or exceed L2 standards, the highest level of protection in the industry.

Our back and lumbar protectors use Nitrex or NitrexEvo, which is a shock-absorbing material that combines with both dense and lightweight layers of foam to disperse energy on impact. The protectors are lightweight, ergonomic and comfortable to wear, and they also benefit from Repeat Performance Technology, which ensures the same level of protection even with repeated use.

Shop our full line of back protectors today and learn why we’ve become such a highly -trusted resource for stunt professionals!

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