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Action Factory Heat Shield Long Underwear
An exclusive product of Action Factory. Action Factory has designed their long underwear in house for the Stunt Professional in and around fire. These garments are made from a high quality, natural fiber stock and are flame and heat resistant for the life of the garment. Whether used in its dry state to replace a single layer Nomex or in conjunction with AF suggested layering and HydroGel, this garment out performs industry standard in protection and appearance. You will find that no other fire garment is more versatile.

Action Factory PBI Long Underwear
PBI (Polybenzimidazole) is a well known fabric used extensively in military, aerospace and fire fighting applications. This synthetic fiber has a very high melting point and does not readily ignite. The PBI fabric combined with the Action Factory unique garment design makes it a perfect light weight, thin, "shell" layer for the stunt performer.

The Action Factory Long Underwear unique design is available in both types of fabric.

The features of the Action Factory Long Underwear are:
  • A low cut neck, to minimize the need for wardrobe to cut it out. However, a drawstring is built into the collar for an adjustable neckline (Use caution not to cause a dangerous situation. I.E. strangulation or knotting that will not allow safety to open neck area to pull hood)
  • The sleeves are equipped with thumbholes, which eliminate the need for a forearm protector over the wrist area. This design can be very handy when putting gloves on, it also protects from wrist area separation. When the sleeve is needed to go away, simply roll it back and it can be hidden under a shirt cuff.
  • Elastic is built into the base of the top to help create a locking effect, this in addition to a longer torso length minimizes the risk of separation in the stomach area allowing the performer better movement while fighting, flying or falling on fire.
  • The pant has an elastic and drawstring waist built in as well in addition to the longer torso length (Just above the belly button for most). Again, to help minimize separation in the stomach area. Other details are not overlooked. The legs have the feet area built in like a stocking. This eliminates the need for a sock and eliminates the risk of separation at the ankle area. However we did build a cuff into the garment in case the user prefers an open foot garment. All one needs to do is cut the sock portion off and be left with a clean open footed pant.
  • The garment is “pseudo” flesh tone and the over-locked stitch minimizes fabric separation in the seam areas.

* Every stunt professional that deals with fire should have a set of AF long underwear. *
Action Factory Suggested Layering System (Traditional Burn)
Our research has found that a three-layer system has been the best balance in most situations for appearance and safety.
  1. 2 AF Heat Shield Layers (wet)
  2. 1 PBI Layer (wet)
  3. 1 Gasket Suit Layer
  4. Wardrobe treated with Fire Block
Please note that due to great variance in situation, NO warranty or guarantee is made and slow, controlled testing should ALWAYS be performed before full use.

Contact AF with any questions before use at info@afstunts.com

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