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Fire Hoods

Are you ready for your next big fire stunt? Complete your gear with one of our fire-resistant hoods. Fire hoods, like our CarbonX Flared Hood with Eye Opening, are both flame- and heat-resistant, offering the crucial protection necessary for stunt professionals who work in this exciting field. Don’t take chances with your fire gear; trust the brands selected or designed by our own seasoned stunt professionals!

Our fire-retardant hoods were chosen using the highest possible criteria for quality and safety, and include the AF Heat Shield Hood in a flesh tone or the Pyrex Lensed Hood with a Flared Bib, which keeps the hood secure yet unobtrusive. For high drama, choose our spotlight fire hoods, like the reversible AF Pro Series Pyrex Lens Hood in black/flesh tone. Made in-house by our own stunt experts, this AF Pro fire hood provides you with two hoods in one that are perfect for the true fire professional. Complete your fire ensemble with a fire-resistant hood today and learn why we’re Hollywood’s source for commercials, movies and more!

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