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Fire-Resistant Long-Sleeve Shirts & Long Underwear

Protect yourself from the fiercest flames with our body-covering fire retardant long underwear and long-sleeve shirts! We feature the respected brand CarbonX in addition to our own AF Line, made from the best fire-resistant material on the market. Our products are designed in-house by seasoned stunt professionals, using natural-fiber stock that will not deteriorate over the life of the garment.

Use these fire-resistant shirts and long underwear alone to withstand high heat, or layer them under gloves and gasket suits in conjunction with HydroGel for the most extreme conditions. Each of our products meet or exceed the industry standards for fire protection during stunts. Best of all, we’ve carefully designed or selected each versatile fire-resistant item to provide maximum flexibility and comfort during the times when you’ll need it most.

Don’t settle for anything less than the industry’s best during the most crucial stunts. Shop our fire-retardant long underwear today!

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