Crash Mats

Crash mats help to protect the body from a range of impact injuries, from tumbling on hard surfaces to jumping from heights. Choosing the best crash pad for your needs is a matter of evaluating the type of stunt you'll be performing and the amount of protection required, and finding the right one will make all the difference in your safety, comfort, and ability to execute the stunt.

Tumbling mats offer the perfect level of protection if you need a stunt mat for a martial arts scene or any other activity that involves being thrown to the ground. Our tumbling mats are ten feet in length, five feet in width and feature Velcro connectors, making it possible to construct a large tumbling surface if necessary. We classify our crash mats as “stunt grade,” which means they use a more durable vinyl and a more robust blend of impact-resistant foam* that cushions better than gymnastics-grade mats.

If you need a crash mat to protect yourself during a fall , we have two thicknesses to choose from. Our medium crash pads are 8-12 inches thick, while our large stunt pit is a massive two feet in height. The large stunt pit also features an adjustable inner foam pad; if you require a firmer landing, simply remove the foam from the cover and reverse it.

Action Factory-Brand Stunt Pits and Mats

We’re proud to offer our own line of professional-grade stunt pits and mats. Our pads are designed to be more durable and long-lasting in extreme set environments. The Action Factory Stunt Pits feature unique designs that allow the user a variety of model-dependent options. Please read the description of each model to choose the best stunt pit for your application.

Action Factory holds all its products to a much higher standard than most stunt outfitters, our pads are no exception. We are so confident that our pads are of the highest quality, we back them up with a one year guarantee**. Order today!

* Our foam is rated within California's new TB-117 codes to pass a smolder resistance test.

**Stunt Pit & Crash Mat Foam must be inspected after 3 years of "standard use". Recommended discontinued use of the equipment after 5 years due to material degeneration.
For equipment that has been exposed to bodily fluids, we recommend proper disposal and replacement. No cleaning methods can completely remove bodily fluid borne pathogens from exposure to liquids. Continuing to use equipment after these types of exposures is hazardous.
**** This product contains a Prop65 warning. Please see Terms and Conditions for more information.
If COVID-19 exposure is known, product should be isolated immediately and disposed of properly.

Crash Pads, Pits, Foam, Tumble Mats and Covers are not eligible for promotional pricing or free shipping, as freight shipping is required.