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Action Factory

For Stunt Professionals, By Stunt Professionals

Founded in 2007, The Action Factory Brand quickly became synonymous with innovation and quality.
In the beginning, Action Factory built its reputation within the Entertainment Industry as a service provider. A Brand able to deliver unique content found no where else in the world, such as our Fire Services featuring our "Skin Burns". Action Factory has been involved in hundreds of films, television, and commercial productions to date and growing.

In 2010, the choice was made to broaden the Action Factory brand by supplying its unique products to the Professional Stunt Community. Built on the motto of "For Stunt Professionals, By Stunt Professionals" the AF Brand led the way in fire product innovations and large crash pad design, defining the difference between "Gymnastics Grade" and "Stunt Grade".

Now in 2021, staying true to the company's motto of "For Stunt Professionals, By Stunt Professionals", Action Factory continues to deliver the best, most up to date and innovative products for Professional Stunt Performers. By supplying new products from all over the world that meet Action Factory's very high standards, we continue our commitment to designing and building products that are unique and innovative; helping bridge the gap in areas that need to be addressed with a solution.

Action Factory - "For Stunt Professionals, By Stunt Professionals"
Delivering Safety and Professionalism with Class.

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