Action Factory PBI Long Underwear Top

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Action Factory PBI Long Underwear
PBI (Polybenzimidazole) is a well known fabric used extensively in the military, aerospace and fire fighting applications. This synthetic fiber has a very high melting point and does not readily ignite.
The PBI fabric combined with the Action Factory unique garment design makes it a perfect light weight, thin "shell" layer for the stunt performer.

The Action Factory PBI Top features a drawstring neck, long sleeves with wrist protection, extended torso length and elastic to help minimize waist separation during performance.

The fabric is light weight and can be fragile. Care should be taken while dressing as to reduce the risk of tearing material. This garment is designed to be used as a "shell" in the Action Factory suggested layer process with Action Factory HydroGel.

Action Factory Suggested Layering System (Traditional Burn)
Our research has found that a three-layer system has been the best balance in most situations for appearance and safety.
  1. 2 AF Heat Shield Layers (wet)
  2. 1 PBI Layer (wet)
  3. 1 Gasket Suit Layer
  4. Wardrobe treated with Fire Block
Please note that due to great variance in situation, NO warranty or guarantee is made and slow, controlled testing should ALWAYS be performed before full use.

The Action Factory PBI Long Underwear is designed to only be used in conjunction with AF HydroGel when performing fire stunts.

Contact AF with any questions before use at

When the "perfect fit" is needed, AF Custom alterations are now available. Contact for more information.