Fire Gear

The field of pyrotechnics and fire work is among the most exciting in the professional stunt industry – but it’s arguably also one of the most dangerous. As a stunt professional, you know that full-body flame protection isn't just a matter of choosing the best fire-proof suit; it requires a full wardrobe of stuntman clothing including a fire-resistant layer of long underwear and a gasket suit, in addition to the Fire block treament of the costume.

If you work in close proximity to fire but aren't going be engulfed in flames, look to our flame-retardant coveralls. Along with many of our other fire resistant clothing options, the overalls use CarbonX, a revolutionary flame-resistant material that refuses to ignite, even in the presence of direct open flame. We also carry CarbonX, Nomex and Kevlar gloves for maximum hand protection.

For stunts that involve lighting a person on fire, we suggest wearing a thick layer of stunt fire gel over your protective Heat Shield long underwear. Our stunt gel is viscous enough to stay where you apply it and maximizes the protection of your fireproof suit. Most importantly, our stunt gel has something that no competing gel offers: you can apply it at room temperature. There is no need to use ice; our stunt gel performs best at 72-74 degrees Fahrenheit.

Shop our fire-resistant stunt clothing and fire proof products today and learn why so many top professionals choose us!