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These large landing mats are the biggest-sized crash mat we offer, making them a perfect match for the boldest stunts. We’re proud to create our stunt pits in-house and use rigorous testing criteria to make sure they meet the safety needs of top stunt professionals. Classified “stunt grade,” the thick mats use high-quality foam* that provide better cushioning and resist wear better than traditional gymnastics crash mats.

Best of all, you can choose between a soft landing or firm landing depending on your needs simply by reversing the foam inside the cover. If you’re in firm landing mode, the large crash mat acts similar to an airbag, while a soft landing will provide you with more give.

Our large landing mats should only be used by qualified individuals with a professional stunt background; these mats are serious stuff and they’re designed for serious stuntmen. Please refer to our individual product specifications, suggested uses, and mat care directions before purchasing. Ready to take the plunge? Order today or ask us about our custom sizing options!

* Our foam is rated within California's new TB-117 codes to pass a smolder resistance test.

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