Action Factory Collapsible Mini Tramp

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*More Mini-Tramps are on the way!*

This mini tramp is a perfect studio set trampoline. Check out the Product Demo Video below.

Some features are:
  • Ridged frame is equipped with performance springs and dual string bed for quick response.
  • Trampoline is lightweight, compact and all black for easy concealment.
  • Angle can be adjusted for pitch.
  • Extra legs allow the trampoline to be set flat for straight bounces.
This trampoline is an ideal addition to any Stunt Coordinator's personal package. An excellent example of "Designed by stunt professionals for stunt professionals".

This product should only be used by qualified individuals, with a professional stunt background. Any activity involving falling onto pads may lead to serious injury or death.
This product should not be used near water, (1) immediate safety hazard when wet, could lead to serious injury or death; (2) prolonged exposure will cause the structure to breakdown and become a safety hazard which could lead to serious injury or death when used.
Weight limit recommendation is 200 pounds maximum.

Each situation should be tested in a progressive, controlled manner to ensure that setup is correct for each individual's tolerance before full active use occurs.

  • Dimensions & Weight
    • 40" x 40" x 5"
    • 70 lbs