Medical Grade Face Shield

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Medical Grade Face Shield
  • ADJUSTABLE HEAD BAND - has a sturdy and unique baseball cap style adjustable band. Designed by medical professionals for medical professionals to wear for a full 8 hour shift.
  • PROTECTS FACE - from spit, sneezes, blood, chemicals, etc. CDC approved design.
  • OPTICALLY CLEAR - wrap around safety design
    • no distortion
    • 14" wide by 8" high by 0.12" thick PET plastic
    • very strong
    • Glasses will comfortably fit under the shield
Clean with glass cleaner or soap and water

*For equipment that has been exposed to bodily fluids, we recommend proper disposal and replacement. No cleaning methods can completely remove bodily fluid borne pathogens from exposure to liquids. Continuing to use equipment after these types of exposures is hazardous.
If COVID-19 exposure is known, product should be isolated immediaey and disposed of properly.