AF Heat Shield Hood

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Action Factory Heat Shield Hood
An exclusive product of Action Factory. Action Factory has designed their hoods in house for the Stunt Professional in and around fire. These garments are made from a high quality, natural fiber stock and are flame and heat resistant for the life of the garment. Whether used in its dry state to replace a single layer Nomex or in conjunction with AF suggested layering and HydroGel, this garment out performs industry standard in protection and appearance. You will find that no other fire garment is more versatile.

The AF Heat Shield Hood is "pseudo" flesh tone and flat stitched with heavy duty Nomex thread for comfort and longevity.

Our double layer fire hoods are made from the same quality material as our long underwear and are also stitched with an over-lock pattern.

The hoods are open in the eye area and have a longer bib to minimize collar and neck separation, allowing performer a greater "safe" range of movement.

The AF Heat Shield Hood is designed to only be used in conjunction with AF HydroGel when performing fire stunts.

Available in S/M and L/XL.

here for Safety Data Sheet.