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Action Factory Heat Shield Long Underwear Pant

Action Factory has designed them in house for the stunt professional that works in and around fire. You will find that our long underwear is designed with safety and protection in mind. The unique design of our heat shield pants allows the user a choice between a stocking foot or a cuff by simply keeping the garment whole or cutting away the undesired portion. The pant waist comes up high to the belly button, with a drawstring built in to minimize the risk of separation when used in conjunction with the Heat Shield long underwear top.

These garments are made from a high quality, natural fiber stock and are flame and heat resistant for the life of the garment. When used in conjunction with AF HydroGels you will find that there isn't a better fire stunt system on the market for performing a fire stunt.

The AF Heat Shield Pant is "pseudo" flesh tone and flat stitched with heavy duty Nomex thread for comfort and longevity.

Action Factory Suggested Layering System (Traditional Burn)
Our research has found that a three-layer system has been the best balance in most situations for appearance and safety.
  1. 2 AF Heat Shield Layers (wet)
  2. 1 PBI Layer (wet)
  3. 1 Gasket Suit Layer
  4. Wardrobe treated with Fire Block
Please note that due to great variance in situation, NO warranty or guarantee is made and slow, controlled testing should ALWAYS be performed before full use.

The Action Factory Heat Shield Long Underwear is designed to only be used in conjunction with AF HydroGel when performing fire stunts.

Contact AF with any questions before use at

When the "perfect fit" is needed, AF Custom alterations are now available. Contact for more information.