AF Originals

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Action Factory Originals

These Knee / Elbow pads are designed utilizing the Action Factory Polymer Insert Pads. Our Polymer Pads are the thinnest, impact absorbing pads found on the market.

Created specifically for the needs of Stunt Professionals in the Entertainment Industry, our Knee / Elbows are intended to hide well in front of the camera. Thin and comfortable, these pads are easily concealed under wardrobe.

The sleeves are constructed using a "Nude" / beige tone in a light weight, breathable, stretch fabric. An internal pocket encases either a 6x6” or a 4x4” Polymer, depending on the option chosen.

Knee / Elbow 6.25 – Utilizes Action Factory’s 6x6”, ¼” Polymer

Knee / Elbow 4.25 – Utilizes Action Factory’s 4x4”, ¼” Polymer

  • Shock Resistant
  • Impact Absorbing
  • Comfortable
  • Removable Pad Inserts
  • Breathable Athletic Spandex

AF Originals are the perfect low-profile pad with maximum protection.

Whether you are a Stunt Professional, Dancer, Ice Skater, Skateboarder, Mountain Biker, Snowboarder or all around Action Enthusiast, these are a must have.