ZS Rope Sense - 5 Ton

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Actual loads can vary widely from design loads - ZS Rope Sense offers the ability to quickly and easily confirm actual working loads and refine deck hardware and rope selection.
Mobile load cell with in-built read out.
Simple soft load attachment offers fast connection to any application, for quick load measurement.
Continuous load read out or 'peak load' mode.
Overall accuracy 0.2% over full scale deflection.
Rated to IP65 for dirt and water resistance.

Understanding forces in a rigging system is essential, the ZS Rope Sense - 5 Ton (Dyno/Load Cell) is an essential part for monitoring this crucial rating element. The ZS Rope Sense - 5 Ton will allow you to monitor real time loads, as well as peak loads.
The ZS Rope Sense - 5 Ton measures a maximum weight of 5 Tons.

Action Factory recommends that this Load Cell be re-calibrated every year to ensure safe and accurate operating function.

Action Factory's recommendation is that this item, and all rigging items sold by Action Factory should never be used for a life line situation, where death or serious injury could occur. Always rig within a minimum of a 5:1 work load to breaking strength ratio, and always consider shock load potential.

For any questions, please contact Action Factory.