Rock Exotica Rotator Shackle Swivel .75 in

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Rock Exotica Rotator Shackle Swivel .75 in.
The Shackle Swivel saves valuable headspace by allowing you to connect webbing, eyes or thimbles directly to the swivel without a carabiner. The stell shackle bolt (.375" 9.5mm diameter) will also increase the longevity of the swivel when connected to steel carabiners or cable.
Available in .75" shackle width.

Weight: 5.76 oz (163 gm)
Breaking Strength: 36kN
Working load: 5 kN
Certification: CE (SS1 only)

Swivels Technical Notice (.pdf)
Shackle Swivel Technical Notice (.pdf)

Action Factory's recommendation is that this item, and all rigging items sold by Action Factory should never be used for a life line situation, where death or serious injury could occur. Always rig within a minimum of a 5:1 work load to breaking strength ratio, and always consider shock load potential.
For any questions, please contact Action Factory.