Cover Up Sleeves

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Need it hidden for a shot? Cover up your Pads, Scars, and Tattoos with our new Sleeves!
Throw in an Action Factory Polymer Pad Insert for an instant, low profile Elbow Pad.

The sleeves are made of a flexible material similar to cycling shorts or dance tights, fitting snug to the surface of your skin for a perfect fit!

  • Smooth and concealed seams for a clean look
  • Fabric blend has a matte finish, not shiny
  • Non-slip gripper upper cuff so the sleeve stays put
  • Protects your skin from UV radiation

-2 sleeves per package
-Available in Tan & Brown

*Pad Inserts not included

Size Small
For petite customers with very slender arms. Length 9", Top Cuff Diameter 4.5", Wrist Cuff Diameter 3"

Size Medium
Height Range 4' 10" to 5' 9" Weight Range 100-180 lbs. Length 9", Top Cuff Diameter 5.5", Wrist Cuff Diameter 3.5"

Size Large
Height Range 5' 10" to 6' 5" Weight Range 181-280 lbs. Length 9", Top Cuff Diameter 6.5", Wrist Cuff Diameter 3.5"