Pyrex Lensed Hood w/Flared Bib

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These hoods are designed to be used when full face protection is needed. The Pyrex glass lens minimize the potential danger of breaking due to rapid temperature change. This fire hood is used in the most extreme stunt fire conditions. Whether you are performing the stunt or spotting as a fire safety, when you need to be fully covered, this hood will deliver what you need. This hood is designed to be used in conjunction with Action Factory HydroGel when performing a fire stunt. To protect this investment, it is highly recommended that an Action Factory Heat Shield Hood be worn over the top of this product.

* Warning: Pyrex glass can become hot enough to burn the eye area when exposed to direct heat over a moderate period of time. This mask is to be used only by experienced stunt professionals that understand the proper use and limitations of the hood.
* Warning: This hood does not protect against super heated gas inhalation hazards. In the most extreme conditions, Action Factory strongly recommends an internal oxygen/breathing device.

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